instead of trump..?

Last January the unpronounceable Reince Priebus – chairman of the Republican National Committee-  surveying his party’s throng of presidential aspirants tweeted:

‘It’s clear we’ve got the most well-qualified and diverse field of candidates from any party in history.’

Why the world wonders did they end up with Donald Trump as their nominee?


They could have picked Ted Cruz – the freshman senator from Texas.

Cruz may be unique among politicians anywhere in that every mention of his name is always accompanied by remarks on his loathsomeness.

John McCain has called him a ‘wacko bird’ – the former speaker of the House John Boehner ‘a jackass’ and ‘Lucifer in the flesh’.

Lindsey Graham – the Republican senator who was very briefly a candidate himself joked: ‘If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate and the trial was in the Senate nobody could convict you.’

George W. Bush with his usual rhetorical panache said: ‘I just don’t like the guy.’

(Among other things Republican Congressmen were not amused when Cruz called Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell a liar on the floor of the Senate.)

There has even been an article by a neurologist explaining how the structure of Cruz’s face inspires revulsion.

Nevertheless, he finished in second place behind Trump – with almost eight million votes.


(ed:..cruz actually scared me more than trump does..)

Source: Eliot Weinberger · They could have picked… · LRB 28 July 2016

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review: burroughs: the movie.. 

Made in 1983 Burroughs: The Movie is one of the most intimate and intriguing portraits of the iconic author.

Filmed over the course of five years the documentary follows William Seward Burroughs as the Beat writer makes television appearances – walks around New York reminiscing about his youth and features Allen Ginsberg – Herbert Huncke – Patti Smith – Francis Bacon (the painter) and Terry Southern.

This is no hagiography – with Burroughs captured at his inimitable best and cranky worst.


Source: Burroughs: The Movie: Not just looking back at the life of William S Burroughs, but also 80s New York | News | Culture | The Independent

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op-ed: clinton/kaine..

The #Veep is out: Hillary Clinton chooses Tim Kaine as Vice President.


In the end, Mrs. Clinton, who told PBS she is ‘afflicted with the responsibility gene’ avoided taking a chance with a less experienced vice-presidential candidate and felt no political need to push the historic nature of her candidacy by adding another woman or a minority to the ticket.

Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Kaine have similar centrist positions on foreign policy – education and criminal justice and they are said to share an easy rapport and a love of granular policy-making.

‘I do have a fondness for wonks’ Mrs. Clinton said in the PBS interview.

Related – an analysis of the horrific fascist shitshow that was the Donald Trump branded Republican National Convention at which Trump spoke last night.

The Cleveland RNC was full of ‘screaming matches – plagiarism and washed-up celebrities’ reports Time – and others in the news called it a ‘train wreck’ a ‘fiasco’ a ‘carnival’ and a “nuclear dumpster fire’.

This isn’t an analogy. It’s a huge gamble on the first truly 21st Century campaign.

Technology has given exhibitionists and promoters the means to connect with large audiences and create in them a sense—largely unreal—that they are personally involved the promoter’s life.

There is an intimacy and emotional investment that works on the level of drama and it hooks people who aren’t connected to politics as previously practiced.

The goal is to connect with citizens who weren’t on the radar: and Trump has been succeeding according to the RAND Corporation.

In an innovative survey taken this spring RAND found that respondents who agreed with the idea that ‘people like me don’t have any say’ were over 80 percent more likely to vote for Trump than for another Republican primary candidate.


(ed:..this is the scary unknown in this horror-show..

the fact that america has a notoriously low turnout for elections..

..means that trump just has to wake up/stir that sullen/dormant-beast..and bombard them with populist-lies promising that he will ‘help them’.

..and donald trump will be the next president of the united states..

..this race is clinton representing the political-elite and trump as the rebel..

..that dormant/sullen beast already knows that clinton will do s.f.a. for them.. they are ripe to be swept up…by trump..

..this is why i think it is foolish of clinton to have picked kaine – he is no match for trump..

.whereas the likes of warren have the skills to take it to trump – to act as clintons’ attack-dog – and more be able to reach out to that dormant/sullen group of non-voters..

..clinton picking kaine is now leaving that well clear for trump alone to draw from..

..and this is a very very foolish thing for clinton to have done..

..and she has just seriously lessened her chances of winning in november..

..i can see her logic – she feels the left/berners will hold their noses and vote for her anyway – just because of she is now swinging to the right..

..and i know this is usually the way things go..

..but these are not the usual times..

..and i am sure trump is smart enough to know how to win this one.. rark/stir up that sullen/dormant beast – of non-voters/disaffected..

..those long ignored by clinton/the democrat party elite..

..if he succeeds at doing that – clinton could well be swept away in a wave of populist rebellion..

..and whereas warren could have competed with trump in that arena..clinton/kaine can’t..

..and that is very very scary..

Source: The #Veep is out: Hillary Clinton chooses Tim Kaine as Vice President / Boing Boing

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mondo movies..

They’ve focused obsessively on the lurid and even saw some directors charged for murder – yet a new season of mondo movies argues for their artistic merit.


Today when even the most mainstream fare is routinely deconstructed for its perceived ideological shortcomings it’s bracing to watch something as fundamentally horrendous and complicated as Prosperi and Jacopetti’s mock-doc Farewell Uncle Tom (1972).

It is simultaneously the least palatable and most fascinating film in the Mondo Mondo program.

In it a pair of contemporary journalists travel through time to the antebellum south to report on slavery – beginning with the nuts and bolts of slave transportation itself.

The film was shot mostly in Haiti where Jacopetti and Prosperi were treated as honored guests of dictator “Papa Doc” Duvalier who afforded them diplomatic cars – the right to film anywhere on the island – a nightly chow down at the palace and a limitless supply of extras –

– the often naked black bodies who pepper the film’s landscape with disturbing density.

The film’s torrent of simulated – though graphic – rape and abuse renders it incredibly difficult to watch and it appalled the late critic Roger Ebert, who wrote:

‘They have finally done it.

Made the most disgusting contemptuous insult to decency ever to masquerade as a documentary’.


Source: Sex, death and cannibalism: why mondo movies still shock | Film | The Guardian

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‘trump’s appetite for destruction’..

Matt Taibbi on how Donald Trump’s disastrous 2016 Republican National Convention doomed GOP and made a joke of American democracy.


But nah.

What happened instead was just sad and weird – very weird.

The lineup for the 2016 Republican National Convention to nominate Trump felt like a fallback list of speakers for some ancient UHF telethon on behalf of a cause like plantar-wart research.

Was one of the headliners really Ultimate Fighting chief Dana White – head all swollen and shouting into the microphone like a man having a road-rage dispute?

Was that really General Hospital star and Calvin Klein underwear model Antonio Sabato Jr. warning gravely that ‘our rights have been trampled and our security threatened’ by President Obama’s policies?

And were there really two soap stars in the lineup – the second being Kimberlin Brown of The Young and the Restless who drove a spear through the grave of Henny Youngman with an agonizing attempt at warm-up humor?

‘Many of you know me from one of your favorite soap operas’ she said.

‘But since we only have one life to live?.?.?.?I decided to follow other dreams!’


Source: Matt Taibbi on Trump’s Appetite for Destruction – Rolling Stone

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why women like narcissistic-men..


Narcissists are talented performers and fakers.

When their activities are revealed they are adept at delivering sincere-sounding sob stories – complete with puppy dog eyes and little boy pleadings to be understood and cared for.

A woman with a bleeding heart is in trouble.

Brown notes that a man with narcissistic traits quickly picks up on a woman’s ‘hyper-empathy’ and uses it to manipulate her.


Source: The Surprising Reasons Women Get Hooked on Narcissists | Alternet

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trump: ‘the madman in his castle’.. 

Isolated from power the Republican party has turned inward and driven itself insane on a toxic mix of fear and rage.

Trump is its natural figurehead.


Trump one imagines doesn’t really want to be president; only king will do – and it’s worth trying to picture the American Majesty’s style –

– the ne plus ultra piss-elegance of a Trump presidency with its slathers of gold-gilt and reflective glass – the aesthetic of say a 1970s mid-level mobster from Buffalo-  with Real Housewives updates of high-tech and glitz.

Richard Nixon – raised a Quaker – went hard for royal pomp with the presidential seal stamped on everything from cufflinks to golf carts and toy-soldier trumpeters to announce his entrance and exit.

Nixon came within a whisker of madness – is imperial style a marker of mental instability?

Safe to say Trump’s would not be a modest presidency.

Norman Mailer writing in 1968 of Nixon’s nomination in Miami and the Siege of Chicago, had this prophecy for the Republican party: (cont..)


Fear has been the driving force of the GOP since the start of the cold war – fear of Commies – fear of black people – fear of Mexicans – gay people – feminists – Muslims – terrorists – feds and so forth – the fear-mongering cultivated to a high art form in the years since 9/11.

The difference this time around is economic.

The Republican establishment told the base to do one thing and the base at long last did the opposite.

‘Pluck the chicken but don’t make it scream’ a long-ago New World dictator once told his cronies but in America in the year 2016 – after 35 years of supply-side economics – wholesale globalization and the biggest redistribution of wealth – not trickle down but vacuum up – in history –

– the chicken is screaming.


Source: Donald Trump: the madman in his castle | US news | The Guardian

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