interview: rufus wainright.. 

The pop singer on Shakespeare – classical roots and worshipping Judy Garland.

Rufus Wainwright – the son of critically admired folk singers Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle – grew up amid a bramble of musical siblings aunts in-laws half-siblings and close family friends. (Wainright also has a daughter with Lorca Cohen – daughter of Leonard Cohen – whom he co-parents along with his husband.)

While maintaining the family legacy of incisive songwriting Rufus has stood on his own as a genre-expanding songwriter – incorporating elements of classical music – opera and the American songbook into visceral contemporary music, beginning with his self-titled debut in 1998.

Mother Jones: Shakespeare’s sonnets explore longing, betrayal, and lust and its consequences – themes that are present in your songs as well. Did you have a sense of that connection as you worked on this project?

Rufus Wainwright: I feel like the sonnets are the gift that keeps on giving. Certainly in terms of my life—anybody’s life—you go through death childbirth and marriage glory and defeat and so on.

The last 10 years for me have been all of that so the sonnets have been there with me. I’ve been able to lean on them profoundly for many years and they’ve given me a wider perspective of what’s going on really on the inside.

If my songs can do that as well – then I’m a lucky guy.


(ed:..this was my entry into the ouvre of rufus wainwright…

..a ditty called: ‘pretty good day so far’…enjoy..!..)</blockquote>
Source: If Music Be the Food of Love, Play on, Rufus Wainright | Mother Jones

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brexit: only 36% of 18-24 year olds voted..

The younger the voter – the more strongly they voted to remain in the EU.

The older the voter – the more likely they were to actually get out and vote.

Eventually the kids are going to figure out how badly their elders are screwing them and maybe then they’ll finally muster the energy to cast a ballot.

I wonder what it’s going to take to make that happen?


Source: Chart of the Day: Brexit Would Have Turned Out Very Differently if Kids Turned Out to Vote | Mother Jones

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‘tramps against trump’ – nude-pics.. (+ op-ed..)

Incentivizing political engagement in new and unexpected ways.

While lots of women have shown their opposition to the billionaire in a range of ways – one group is taking a particularly unique approach.

They’re called Tramps Against Trump and if you vote for anyone but Donald Trump they will send you a nude photo.

Inspired by Sluts Against Harper—a group that used the same tactic to garner opposition to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper – who was unseated by Justin Trudeau—the basic idea is simple.

Per the Tramps Against Trump website – to receive a nude photo all you have to do is send a selfie that includes proof you voted in the form of a voter receipt.

The group notes that ‘Tramps Against Trump does NOT endorse any presidential candidate – we simply are advocating for anyone BUT TRUMP’.

Technically you don’t actually have to demonstrate that you voted against Trump – since lots of states have laws or general policies prohibiting photo-taking in voting booths.

This is about the bigger picture.

In addition to opposing Trump – Tramps Against Trump is hoping to motivate people to get out and extra-enthusiastically do their civic duty.


(what could we have here..?…loose-wimmen-against-little..?..or a variation: johns against john..?..and of course the obvious ones: prostitutes against peters..sluts against shaw..dissolutes against dunne..)

Source: Tramps Against Trump Will Send You Nude Pictures for Voting Against Donald Trump | Alternet

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The UK voted by a small majority to leave the European Union.

But what exactly does that mean?


Indeed the parallels between the policies supported by Brexiters and those esposed by Trump are striking.

As Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post noted ‘The pro-Brexit vote in the U.K. is a cry of defiance by what’s left of that Anglo-American white tribal faith –

– and the decision to leave the European Union should send a shudder through those who think that Donald Trump is a xenophobic racist nationalist with no chance to win the U.S. presidency’.


Source: What the Heck Happened in Britain? Here’s a Brexit Explainer | Alternet

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Searching for a new line of work?

There’s a growing demand for extraction technician – budtenders and edible makers.

Pot is a big business and only destined to get bigger.

Legal sales last year reached $5.7 billion – up more than a billion dollars over the previous year.

Sales this year are expected to top $7.1 billion.This fall we’re likely to see marijuana legalization initiatives win in a handful of states—Arizona – California – Nevada – Maine – Massachusetts—which would more than triple the size of the legal marijuana market in the county.

The combined population of the legal states so far is about 16 million – the population of California alone is more than 38 million.

If all five initiative states vote for marijuana this year the size of the legal market would grow to more than 55 million.

The already existing growth in the marijuana market combined with the prospect of a huge expansion in the near future is making pot a very hot industry.

And that means job opportunities for people thinking about breaking into the field.

A number of marijuana industry job hunter websites have popped up in recent years to take advantage of the booming sector and one of them has now put out a list of the hottest pot jobs.

The website bills itself as ‘the marijuana industry’s job listing site’ and here’s its list of the most popular jobs in pot:

  1. Budtenders – assist dispensary customers with purchasing marijuana.Basically pot shop sales clerks. Knowledge about different pot strains and products and their effects will be helpful – but it’s still not likely to pay too much above minimum wage. Some listings offer hourly wages of $11-12 an hour – others put annual salaries in the mid-20s.
  2. Sales Reps – sell products (vapes, technology, edibles, etc.) to dispensaries.Go freelance or get paid on commission for peddling products. A classic sales gig where how much you make depends precisely on how much you can sell. Willie Loman – call home. ..(cont..)

Source: The 8 most popular jobs in the marijuana industry –

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the cure @ 40..

On a victory tour with flexible set lists brimming with deep cuts – 1 band shows how to sidestep the nostalgia trap.

When bands reach a milestone birthday it’s an easy way to advertise concerts or give lapsed fans an excuse to attend a show.

More than that however it’s a good excuse to celebrate; especially when the anniversary is significant—for example the Stones turning 50 a few years ago—making a big deal about longevity is also a way to commemorate survival.

Bands have precarious chemistry and any group able to weather lineup changes and deal with mercurial personalities for decades deserves to be commended.

The downside of course is that these anniversary tours can become bloated with (or obscured by) nostalgia.
At worst bands inadvertently come across as self-aggrandizing or overly pleased with themselves and their accomplishments; at best artists might reshape their own mythologies using rose-colored glasses.
For example, when Roger Waters brought ‘The Wall’ tour around the U.S. several years ago – it was jarring and sometimes incongruous to see the concert take an almost exuberant approach to the album’s very serious material.

The Cure however – are not like most bands.


(ed:..yes..yes…i had my cure-years..)

Source: How The Cure endures: This is how a band turns 40 with style –

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brexit – trump – the renaissance – now..

Trump and the Leave campaign share many common political themes — the end result could be chaos.

Throughout his campaign Trump’s rhetoric has been vilified as racist sexist nativist and populist – depending upon the audience and the crisis.

Reductive explanations are always problematic in that they ignore previous historical forces in play when technology – shifts in demographics – wealth disparity and immigration have given rise to similar ‘movements’ of leaders with nativist tones.Recently two scholars from Oxford University – Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna – published an audacious text about the lessons that could be drawn from the dislocation and demographic shifts that occurred during the Renaissance – a period of rapid advancement much like our own today.

They argue the upheaval at the time due to technology led to a politics whose complexion is very similar to ours today.

‘Now like then – new media have democratized information exchange – amplifying voices of those who feel they have been injured in the upheaval – said Goldin.

In a column by Thomas Friedman-  who reviews the book – he goes on to show how this turbulence led to the rise of an obscure firebrand friar – Girolamo Savonarola.

He quotes Goldin as writing that ‘he and his zealous supporters – though a small minority – swept away the Medici establishment and seized control of the city’s councils’.

‘From there’ the article continues ‘Savonarola launched an ugly campaign of public purification – introducing radical laws including laws against homosexuality and attacked public intellectuals in an act of intimidation that history still remembers as the Bonfire of the Vanities.
Savonarola was amongst the first to tap into the information revolution of the time and while others produced long sermons and treatises – Savonarola disseminated short pamphlets – in what may be thought of as the equivalent of political tweets’.

Source: Globalization and its discontents: How the Trump/Brexit movements might herald New World Orders –

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