the trump/putin connections.. 

Let me start by saying I’m no Russia hawk.

I have long been skeptical of US efforts to extend security guarantees to countries within what the Russians consider their ‘near abroad’ or extend such guarantees or police Russian interactions with new states which for centuries were part of either the Russian Empire or the USSR.

This isn’t a matter of indifference to these countries.

It is based on my belief in seriously thinking through the potential costs of such policies.

In the case of the Baltics those countries are now part of NATO.

Security commitments have been made which absolutely must be kept.

But there are many other areas where such commitments have not been made.

My point in raising this is that I do not come to this question or these policy questions as someone looking for confrontation or cold relations with Russia.

Let’s start with the basic facts.

There is a lot of Russian money flowing into Trump’s coffers and he is conspicuously solicitous of Russian foreign policy priorities.

I’ll list off some facts.


Source: Trump & Putin. Yes, It’s Really a Thing

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joseph stiglitz on how to fix the broken american economy..

Inequality is a choice—one that we make with the rules we create to structure our society and economy.

In this report Roosevelt Chief Economist and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz – joined by co-authors Nell Abernathy – Adam Hersh – Susan Holmberg and Mike Konczal – exposes the link between the rapidly rising fortunes of America’s wealthiest citizens and increasing economic insecurity for everyone else.

The conclusion is clear: piecemeal policy change will not do.

To improve economic performance and create shared prosperity we must rewrite the rules of our economy.


Source: Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy – Roosevelt Institute

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‘anatomy of a trump voter’..

Data shows racism is a powerful predictor of Trump support — far more than economic concern.


Trump Supporters Buy Into the Politics of Resentment

In previous work with Jason McDaniel and Philip Cohen I showed that Trump supporters were more likely to endorse racial resentment and stereotypes.

For this analysis McDaniel and I examined the stereotype variables slightly differently – examining stereotyping both as a scale and stereotypes towards particular groups independently.

Both stereotypes and resentment were powerful predictors of support for Trump in the primary among white Republicans and Independents.

At the lowest level of resentment and stereotype probability of support for Trump was less than 10 percent.

At the highest level of resentment the probability of support for Trump was 50 percent.

At the highest level of anti-Black stereotyping the probability of Trump support is nearly 80 percent.

I examined Muslim and Hispanic stereotyping and found similar results: At the lowest level of stereotyping the probability of support for Trump was below 10 percent –

– at the highest level, the probability of support was more than 70 percent.


Source: Anatomy of a Trump voter: How racism propelled Trump to the Republican nomination –

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trump: ‘what will happen next’.. 

After Trump’s defeated – his base will face an energized electorate of diverse Americans who rallied to defeat him.


As documented by Jonathan Weiler and Marc Hetherington, authoritarian values have been increasing among the American people—and conservatives especially—for the last two decades.

Donald Trump is a proto fascist.

Thus his policies and personality found a very receptive audience.

White America is facing a symbolic ‘death’ because of changing cultural norms and racial demographics.

Simultaneously the ‘deaths of despair’ (drug and alcohol abuse – suicides) as well as illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease have dramatically increased the literal death rates of uneducated middle-aged white Americans.

Donald Trump with his supposed billions of dollars in wealth – bragging about being ‘high energy’ and promise to ‘Make American Great Again’ is a figurehead who soothes the death anxieties of angry – anxious  and easily frightened white conservatives and Right-leaning independents.

Donald Trump is a reality television star.

As such he is a familiar face for millions of Americans.

In an era of austerity – surveillance – a neoliberal nightmare – almost non-existent upward intergenerational class mobility and broken politics-

-the fake world of ‘reality’ TV is more comforting than the dystopian present they see in their immediate community and also imagine for their children in the future.

His voters have embraced ‘Donald Trump’ the television persona turned political strongman as an outlet for their frustrations and rage.

Donald Trump is a political performance artist who has studied the communication style and narrative tropes of professional wrestling.
He used those lessons to vanquish his political rivals and to win over the hearts and minds of Republican voters.

Source: Last year, I predicted the GOP would nominate Trump — here is what will happen next –

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op-ed: ‘the best sex of my life’..

Family Sex Cover

They are the sexual encounters that linger long after the event – the memorable moments of joy when you suddenly see what all the fuss is about – here 10 people share their bliss.


(ed:..qsking myself that same question led me to a night in a melbourne motel room – as being on any shortlist ..

..after a midnight oil concert – with my girlfriend at the time and her girlfriend.

there was cocaine/champagne/cannabis in the mix – and we all seemed to have a good time..

..of course post that nite it all went wrong in the most cliched of ways.. that the person who wanted to be with me i didn’t really want to be with..

and the person i wanted to be/carry on with didn’t want to be with me..

(‘sigh..!’..such is life..)

Source: The best sex of my life | Life and style | The Guardian

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instead of trump..?

Last January the unpronounceable Reince Priebus – chairman of the Republican National Committee-  surveying his party’s throng of presidential aspirants tweeted:

‘It’s clear we’ve got the most well-qualified and diverse field of candidates from any party in history.’

Why the world wonders did they end up with Donald Trump as their nominee?


They could have picked Ted Cruz – the freshman senator from Texas.

Cruz may be unique among politicians anywhere in that every mention of his name is always accompanied by remarks on his loathsomeness.

John McCain has called him a ‘wacko bird’ – the former speaker of the House John Boehner ‘a jackass’ and ‘Lucifer in the flesh’.

Lindsey Graham – the Republican senator who was very briefly a candidate himself joked: ‘If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate and the trial was in the Senate nobody could convict you.’

George W. Bush with his usual rhetorical panache said: ‘I just don’t like the guy.’

(Among other things Republican Congressmen were not amused when Cruz called Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell a liar on the floor of the Senate.)

There has even been an article by a neurologist explaining how the structure of Cruz’s face inspires revulsion.

Nevertheless, he finished in second place behind Trump – with almost eight million votes.


(ed:..cruz actually scared me more than trump does..)

Source: Eliot Weinberger · They could have picked… · LRB 28 July 2016

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review: burroughs: the movie.. 

Made in 1983 Burroughs: The Movie is one of the most intimate and intriguing portraits of the iconic author.

Filmed over the course of five years the documentary follows William Seward Burroughs as the Beat writer makes television appearances – walks around New York reminiscing about his youth and features Allen Ginsberg – Herbert Huncke – Patti Smith – Francis Bacon (the painter) and Terry Southern.

This is no hagiography – with Burroughs captured at his inimitable best and cranky worst.


Source: Burroughs: The Movie: Not just looking back at the life of William S Burroughs, but also 80s New York | News | Culture | The Independent

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