key unveils what could well be an election winning policy..

“..National’s ambitious billion-dollar-plus plan to bring faster internet access to three-quarters of New Zealand homes and companies has been hailed by business and internet groups.

But the Government says it is extravagant and opportunistic.

Party leader John Key yesterday promised a taxpayer investment of $1.5 billion over six years in high-speed internet technology if National wins this year’s election.

Within a year of taking office, Mr Key said, he would convene negotiations with telecommunication companies to thrash out their role in contributing the remainder of the $4 billion it would cost to meet National’s broadband target.

National wants to see the current copper wire network upgraded to a fibre cable network.

That shift would greatly improve upload and download times, and Mr Key predicted benefits of between $2.7 billion and $4.4 billion a year to the economy.

“New Zealand has already fallen behind our global competitors when it comes to broadband,” he said..”

(labour will (at the very least) have to ‘match’ this ‘offer’..)

go to source/story>>Key’s billion-dollar net move – 23 Apr 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

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