how the royals ‘soak’ the british taxpayer..(the ‘cost’ of charlie has risen by a the last year..)

“..Prince Charles faced renewed calls yesterday to make a full disclosure of his financial accounts ..

.. after it emerged that his public costs had risen by nearly a quarter in the last year while his tax bill had fallen.

State subsidies for the Prince of Wales jumped from £2.45 million ($6.3 million) to £3.03 million in the past financial year..

.. and his private income increased to £16.4 million.

Charles spent more, earned more and employed more staff last year..

.. but managed to cut his tax bill by nearly 10 per cent, the official figures showed.

There is no official figure for the estimated £2 million it costs to pay for Charles and Camilla’s security.

Anti-monarchy campaign group Republic spokesman Graham Smith said it was time that the Government scrapped state subsidies for the couple.

“This is a double-whammy for the taxpayer – less tax and more subsidies while the Government is having to make swingeing cuts to public services.

“After months of public anger over MPs’ expenses, it is now time for Charles to come clean.

He appears to claim butlers and personal dressers as business costs..

.. thereby saving him a small fortune in tax..”

go to source/story>>Anger over princely sum of Charles’ spending – World – NZ Herald News

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