“..An experiment with vegan living leads to new way of eating..”

“..An experiment with vegan living leads to new way of eating

OK, I’ll admit it: It was a journalistic stunt. At least partly …

On Feb. 1, I flipped a culinary switch and became a vegan overnight.

For a month, I planned to shop, cook and eat without any animal products.

No meat, eggs or dairy, period.

The intent was mostly earnest.

Portland has a large and quickly growing vegan community.

And after seeing documentaries like “Food, Inc.” and reading works by Michael Pollan, I’d become increasingly convinced that eating less meat —

— perhaps even eliminating it altogether — was the greenest, most-humane thing I could do.

But I love a good gimmick, too, and going vegan for a month has become a popular way for journalists to immerse themselves in vegan culture.

So I dived right into the vegan pool.

For four weeks, I stuck to a plant-based diet, blogging about it every day as I learned new things, tried new products and dined at Portland’s many vegan-friendly restaurants.

Then a surprising thing happened.

March 1 came around, and I didn’t want to go back to my old way of eating.

Vegan eating, I discovered, is anything but boring .. and the cooking experience is exhilarating and fun.

And it with comes some fringe benefits.

Physically, I feel great.

During the day, I have so much energy that I’ve kicked my afternoon coffee habit.

At night, I’m sleeping better — I suspect because my body isn’t having to work overtime digesting meat.

And I’ve effortlessly lost all the weight I gained over the holidays ..

.. without ever experiencing the sort of hunger pangs that come with traditional dieting.

So I’ve stuck with it.

Who would have guessed that a stunt would lead me to such an unexpected place?..”


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