“…Social networking fun for the young…”

“…Make way for the next Facebook generation.

Two-thirds of New Zealand children aged six to nine are using social networking sites for kids, according to a survey.

The age group spends an average of 3.7 hours online each week, slightly above the worldwide average of 3.5 hours.

The survey by security software firm AVG canvassed 2200 mums of children aged six to nine in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Asia and North America.

It found 67 per cent of New Zealand children used some kind of kids’ social networking site, such as Disney’s Club Penguin – which lets members adopt animated penguins, play games and chat to friends online, Moshi Monsters or WebKinz.

That was well above the survey average of 51 per cent and ahead of Australian children on 60 per cent.

Mike Forrest, principal of Cashmere Avenue School in Khandallah, Wellington, said a number of children at the school had signed up to Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters.

“In many cases it’s with their parents’ supervision but I suspect in some cases it’s not.”…”

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