“…5 Economic Alternatives to the Cult of GDP..”

“…It’s hardly controversial to suggest that economic growth has been closely tied to cheap and readily available fossil fuels and other natural resources.

But as we start to comprehend the twin facts that oil is likely to become ever harder and more resource intensive to come by – and that the Earth and its atmosphere does not have a limitless capacity to absorb the crap we pour into it –

– the cult of economic growth at all costs starts to look a little shaky.

True, some people argue that between dematerialization of our economy and a massive scale up of renewables – it is perfectly possible to pursue green growth for the foreseeable future –

– but others are arguing it’s time to move to a post-growth society.

Either way, it seems incontrovertible to suggest that measuring our well-being by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) alone is about as helpful as assessing someone’s diet based entirely on how much they eat —

– and with the assumption that the more they eat – the better off they’ll be.

Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives to the cult of GDP.

Here are a few of our favorites…”

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5 Economic Alternatives to the Cult of GDP : TreeHugger.

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