“…67 Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids…”

“..The GeekDad community at Wired.com is committed to helping you raise geek generation 2.0.

Back in March, we posted a list of our favorite books to read aloud to our kids before the age of ten.

The post turned out to be a bit of a crowd-pleaser.

Many educators and parents asked us to put together a printed version of “67 Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10.”

While we never intended this to be a comprehensive list of what you should read to your kids – we certainly missed some obvious choices.

After we published our list we received a huge number of wonderful suggestions from readers.

Their suggestions were placed into a second post, “Books Geeks Should Read to Their Kids: Your Additions to Our List.“..”


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67 Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids: A Printable List (GeekDad Weekly Rewind) | GeekDad | Wired.com.

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