“…Apple App Apparently Apocalyptic…”

“…You know how people moan about how money isn’t based on gold anymore?

The reason it doesn’t matter is that cash money, to the modern psyche, is more real than anything else in the entire universe, including gold.

A crisp green American hundred makes everything surrounding it look like a child’s crayon drawing of a dragon wearing spats.

I sincerely believe, by the way, that one reason America remains an economic powerhouse is because our paper money may not be pretty, or friendly to the blind, but it looks like money.

A Canadian ten looks like an invitation to a child’s birthday party hosted by Bill Maher in Edwardian garb.

An American ten looks like something you would shoot your cousin to hang onto.

Look at the facts here.

The first networked ATM in America was installed in 1968.

A major recession hit in 1969, and another in 1973.

Money went from something you were handed by a human being wearing nice clothes –

– to something a machine spit into your hand like a candy bar – or really terrible coffee…”


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Alt Text: Apple App Apparently Apocalyptic | Underwire | Wired.com.

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