beating the blackjack-table/casinos…counting the cards…

“…There are many ways to count cards – none of which a novice attending the Blackjack Ball could pick up right away.

But in its simplest form, the theory is this: when there are a lot of low-numbered cards in the deck, you bet small;

– when most of the low cards have been played – and there are a lot of high cards left in the deck – you bet high.

The result will net you a statistical advantage over time.

Thorp first got the idea that blackjack could be beaten in 1958 when he stumbled across an article about basic strategy – a blackjack theory developed in 1953 by four men in the Army.

One of the men, Wilbert Cantey, was black – and because his friends couldn’t go out with him to bars in Maryland — the state was still segregated —

– the four played blackjack in the barracks.

In the process they figured the odds of every combination of hand –

– using adding machines…”


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At the Blackjack Ball, Card Counter Dr. Edward Thorp Is King – The Daily Beast.

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