“…Bill ‘makes it easier for teens to drink’…”

“..The latest alcohol curbs planned by the Government aim to make it harder for teenagers to drink – but one high school student says it could do the opposite.

Justice Minister Judith Collins said this week that the controversial Alcohol Reform Bill would be back in Parliament for its final reading next month.

It had been “tightened up” since its second reading, so that children under 18 required explicit consent from their parents via text message or a phone call to have a drink, she said.

But Wellington High School student representative Evie Orpe, 17, said the latest change would “almost make it easier” for teens to get alcohol.

“You’ll get a lot of younger people to just find a person to say it’s their parents.

What can you really do to confirm that it is their parents?..”

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Bill ‘makes it easier for teens to drink’ | Stuff.co.nz.

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