[email protected]:..’the nation’..a review..

duncan garners’ political-summary of the week consisted of informing us that most politicians are off on holidays..

..(ed:..no warehousing of their children during school holidays ‘cos of work imperatives..eh..?..

..politicians’ holidays and school holidays are seamless..)

..what follows is an intelligent conversation on the need for overseeing of the dark art of lobbying..

..curran from labour..turei from the greens..and o’rourke from new zealand first all make sense…and make the case for reform..

(with turei performing particularly well..)

cameron slater/whaleoil does a hatchet job on a p.r.person who moved from sky city to work for len brown..

(and slater cites the inclusion of a theatre in the convention centre plans as evidence of his dark-deeds..this theatre apparantly a sop to the likes of columnist rudman..and ‘the liberal elite’…)

then two practitioners of the dark art appeared to lobby against the bill..

..one of whom could hardly have been less condescending/patrician..

..(in the/a monty burns mould..)

..who started his piece by boasting how much power/influence over politicians he (a paid-for lobbyist) has..(!)

..and in doing so helped cement the case for reform..

..the other lobbyist was almost whinnying in nervousness at the very idea of any regulation..

garner then interviewed bob (sideshow-bob) parker..the mayor of christchurch..

..on the surreal/kafkaesque demand from his council that people with wrecked/uninhabitable/unserviced houses..

..should still pay rates..

…parker weasels his way through the whole interview..and garner does a good job in nailing parker on his evasiveness..

..having to ask him about four times if he had..this week..voted against 100% rate relief for those homeless homeowners..before he admitted to it..

..and the show is worth watching if only for seeing parker squirm…

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