[email protected]:..’the nation’:..a review..

garner and james discuss the ecquivacations around this govts’ ‘ring’…the balanced budget by ?..

james talks matter-of-factly about the upcoming lab/grn government..

..(they both seem to have noticed the world economic situation is ‘a bit iffy’…)

..james tries to propagate the farcical claim that we are ‘non-aligned internationaly’..

..(i guess he is able to ignore how we are eager mercenaries-for asking to america..’non-aligned’..?..who is he trying to kid..?..)

groser is interviewed…

..talks up our anti-nuke history..

.groser also pays homage of sorts to the long history of successive govts. working to build our relationship with china..

..saying:..’we would not be where we are today if not for them’..

..he also talks up the economic importance of china to nz..

..groser expresses his surprise at the relative failure of australia to build that relationship as nz has..

..he also urges caution in the restructuring at mfat..

..groser notes we need to make better use of our asian immigrants..(ed:..good point..)

groser then voices a good-idea..that all children should be taught maori/te-reo from age five..

..(this to open their minds to being bi/multi-language/cultural..and open to then learning other languages..

..(ed:..good idea/reasoning..eh..?..)

mmp-review is then reviewed..and the various anomalies highlighted..(act/epsom amongst them..)

the prosecutor of the shonky-financial figures is interviewed…

..the use of trusts by these thieves to hide their stolen monies is discussed..

..and hughes calls for ‘more regulation’ to oversee the ‘safety’ of financial-institutions..

(james and garner again)..both confirming what a good idea compulsory te-reo would be…

..mmp-review is discussed..with the removal of the coat-tail-m.p’s..(cf…act/epsom)..

..and dropping the threshold to 4% being favoured..

(an option for voters to alter party list-rankings is also entertained..)

..commenters (rightwinger) ralston and (centreist) brian edwards..discuss the travails of john banks..

..with dotcom the ‘most-believable’ story-teller..

..and both agree he/banks is dog-tucker..

..and talk about how murdoch..

..the nz heralds’ downward lurch into ‘sun’-territory is discussed..the editor is blamed..(from the murdoch-school..we are told..)

..and the burning-issue of the day..?

..’it wasn’t the elephants’ fault’..

(ed:..from a vegan p.o.v..the suggestion of a sausage-sizzle of other animals..to ‘save’ the elephant..kinda jars..)

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