[email protected]:..where i ‘own’ rightwing ex-mp..david garrett..

ed:..garrett did a guest post on the rightwing blog whaleoil..

..where he had the nerve to echo judith collins..and claim that the internationally-observed/unexplained serious drop in crime rates across the board..

..in most countries…

..that this echo-drop we have here is down to the regressive/punitive penal-policies he peddles/ed…

..i decided to call him on this spin he was trying on…

..and he just refuses to answer/address this question…

..understandable really…as it is a question that shows his bullshit up for what it is…

..the/any humour is to be had in the comments-thread..

..where garrett..on this issue..is ‘owned’..

(..i call him a ‘lying/dissembling bastard’ at one point..

..but generally i manage to stick to topic/just-the-facts..)

..and i have to admit..

..the exercise had its’ own pleasures..

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Guest Post – Rebutting Rudman | Whale Oil Beef Hooked | A blog by Cameron Slater.

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