“…Digested read: Skagboys by Irvine Welsh…”

“…The thing about junk is tha eis wun fookin hit efter anotha an thats all, and tho Spud ODs and Matty, Ali and Tommy all gae theyselves fooked oop, it all kind reads tha same.

I mean ah try to give a shite aboot Aids, but nae junky really doas they wannae the fookin needele so ba, and even tho I name drop Kierkegaard an Ullyses, it donna stoap it allus becomin deid borin.

I mean even in rehab when ahm shaggin the umpteenth burd oop tha erse, tha knas ah no wanna give oop as laike otherwise there’s nae fookin Trainspotting an the reality is tha efter 550 pages ov junk tales n aw ahm really onla a tha beginnin…”

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Digested read: Skagboys by Irvine Welsh | Books | The Guardian.

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