“…Dustin Hoffman and me…”

“…Discovering that Arthur Miller was renting a place up the beach from ours and would be coming to dinner – Dustin devised a plan to convince the playwright that he was the man to play Willy Loman in the upcoming PBS version of Death of Salesman.

No matter that Dustin and Willy, as characters were entirely different species – and that Arthur had no intention of offering him the part.

In the afternoon, we could hear Dustin up in his room preparing himself for the ambush audition.

Almost as soon as Arthur stepped through our door he was met head-on by his own legendary creation – in the form of Dustin.

You have to remember that Arthur was quite tall, and Dustin quite short;-

– and to picture the tall Arthur looking down, from a height and distance shrinking by the minute – at the short, intensely emoting Dustin –

– and perhaps there and then knowing that he had been successfully hijacked.

Attention had to be paid.

And so it was.

Dustin got the part – as, in those days, he almost always did…”


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Dustin Hoffman and me | Life and style | The Guardian.

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