english ‘spins’ our low-wage economy…(ed:..how did we get to this point..?..eh..?..)

“…Australian businesses buying into New Zealand “is how you get higher wages”, Finance Minister Bill English says.

Labour leader David Shearer, who will outline a plan today to boost wages – said New Zealand was at risk of becoming a permanently low-wage economy – with Australian investors mostly interested in cheap Kiwi labour.

But Mr English insisted a recent surge of interest from Australian companies investing in New Zealand was good for the country and would drive up wages.

“It is what it is,” Mr English said. “This is how you get higher wages: when you get capital invested, you get better management skills, you get products that can be sold for more to bigger markets. That’s how you get it.

“Is someone going to stand at the border and say `No, go away, don’t invest here because we’d rather keep lower wages’?

Actually, we want to lift our incomes and this is how it happens.”..”

(ed:..that last line deserves some sorta special spin-award..eh..?

..shall we call the award ‘the polishing-the-turd-award..?)

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Shearer, English at odds on Aussies | Stuff.co.nz.

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