“…Gaddafi – the UK – and the truth we must be told..”

“…One by one, revelations from the ransacked archives of the old Gaddafi regime in Libya cast fresh doubts on Britain’s boast that it is never complicit in torture.

First we heard the claims of the former Libyan dissident Abdelhakim Belhaj who maintains that Jack Straw, as Foreign Secretary, authorised his rendition by the CIA to Tripoli in 2004.

Now follow further damaging claims – suggesting that MI5 and MI6 worked hand in glove with Tripoli in 2006 to put pressure on Libyan asylum seekers in the UK – to co-operate with the Gaddafi regime…”

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Leading article: Gaddafi, the UK, and the truth we must be told – Leading Articles – Opinion – The Independent.

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