how criminals use the auckland casino to launder money…and how this pokie-deal that key wants will make life/business even easier for those launderers…

“..Gambling at casinos is recognised internationally as a money-laundering technique – but is at odds with comments by SkyCity chief executive Nigel Morrison last week.

He said claims that more poker machines, as part of a deal with the Government to build a $350 million convention centre, would lead to more money laundering had “no substance”.

He said none of the criminals referred to were convicted of money laundering at SkyCity.

The cases include drug kingpins Tac Kin Voong and Ri Tong Zhou, who received lengthy prison sentences – after being convicted of running methamphetamine syndicates from the casino’s VIP lounge.

They had a combined turnover at the casino of nearly $20 million in six months.

Mr Morrison’s comments came after the Herald revealed that SkyCity wanted more cashless gambling machines, which are banned in other casinos, in return for the convention centre investment.

A Department of Internal Affairs report shows the Ticket-In Ticket-Out machines make it easier to launder money…”

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Govt moves to close money-laundering loophole – Business – NZ Herald News.

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