“…How Psychedelic Drugs Can Help Patients Face Death…”

“…As her fears intensified, Sakuda learned of a study being conducted by Charles Grob, a psychiatrist and researcher at Harbor-U.C.L.A. Medical Center who was administering psilocybin — an active component of magic mushrooms — to end-stage cancer patients to see if it could reduce their fear of death.

Twenty-two months before she died, Sakuda became one of Grob’s 12 subjects.

When the research was completed in 2008 — (and published in the Archives of General Psychiatry last year) —

– the results showed that administering psilocybin to terminally ill subjects could be done safely while reducing the subjects’ anxiety and depression about their impending deaths…”


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How Psychedelic Drugs Can Help Patients Face Death – NYTimes.com.

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