“…Like Samantha Brick – I have been hated for my good looks…”

“..If you’re a woman reading this – or, more importantly, looking at the pictures – you will know exactly what I’m talking about: –

– you probably feel like telling me there’s a wasp near my hair – just so you can reach out and muss it up a little.

If you’re a man, on the other hand, you’ve doubtless already formed an opinion about me.

You almost certainly find me a threat – a threat to your career, your relationship, your masculinity.

It’s not something many men will dare to speak publicly about – but being terribly, terribly handsome is a double-edged sword.

For every female Starbucks employee who made it her business to remember my name – there was a male employer telling me to do up my top three shirt buttons in the office.

I can’t tell you how many male acqaintances have stopped speaking to me over the years for petty “reasons” – (unpaid debts – being alleged source of unpleasant rumour – refusal to appear as character witness) –

– when jealousy is the transparent cause.

I’ll probably never know how many women have been too intimidated by my looks to talk to me –

– but I know exactly how many men have been angered enough by my face to try to punch it.

I don’t invite the attention.

I’ve come to dread the sarcastic, whispered comments in the gym about my physique, my chiseled jaw, my loose-hanging tank tops.

At times I’ve found it so stressful that I’ve even taken steps to play down my physical beauty.

I tried wearing a hoodie all day – but they wouldn’t let me into Harrod’s food hall – where the lady at the cheese counter sometimes gives me free samples – even though I hardly ever buy anything.

More recently I decided to grow a beard –

– just to blend in with “normal” men…”


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Like Samantha Brick, I have been hated for my good looks | Life and style | The Guardian.

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