“…’Lockout’ Enters the So-Bad-It’s-Good Movie Pantheon…”

“…Lockout is by far the best movie ever made about a disgraced ex-CIA agent —

– who’s taken the fall for a crime he did not commit —

– who reluctantly infiltrates a supermax space prison that’s been overrun by 497 cryogenically-frozen prisoners —in order to rescue the president’s leggy blonde daughter—

– who’s been taken hostage during her liberal humanitarian space mission to investigate prisoner abuse —

– from a pair of Welsh-Irish-Scottish sibling archvillains –

– as said space jail hurtles towards earth’s atmosphere.

It’s also likely the best movie ever made that takes place in the year 2079.

And that’s about the nicest thing anybody can say about it.

Where to begin?..”

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“Lockout” Enters the So-Bad-It’s-Good Movie Pantheon | Mother Jones.

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