“…Matt McCarten: Key the gambler seems set to roll those dice…”

“…One of the things our political and business elites pride themselves on is that ours is a country that ranks consistently in the top three as the least corrupt in the world.

That New Zealanders take such a rating as the norm is a credit to the generations who preceded us and built the sort of societal ethics we enjoy today.

The most recent respected Forbes survey, which ranks countries on how uncorrupt and friendly to business they are, has New Zealand at second.

Only Canada is ahead of us.

The World Bank gives us third place after Singapore and Hong Kong.

Previously, we were first.

If being capitalist darlings wasn’t enough to puff our suit jackets out at – every reputable international survey ranks us high in the top 10 for just about every statistic possible.

We are considered a model society that the rest of the world looks up to.

That’s why it’s not a surprise that a TV3 poll on Thursday showed 72 per cent of us don’t approve of the shonky deal John Key cooked up with the SkyCity casino…”

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Matt McCarten: Key the gambler seems set to roll those dice – Politics – NZ Herald News.

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