“…Mayoral pay increases ‘fair to ratepayers’…”

“…Mayoral salaries will climb by an average 3.4 per cent at a time when the Government is pressuring councils to rein in rate rises and debt levels.

But a group representing local bodies says mayors’ salaries are comparatively low – and don’t reflect the hours they work.

The authority responsible for setting the pay of elected members has also defended the rises it has given – saying they are fair to the mayors and their ratepayers.

The biggest pay rise went to Waikato Mayor Allan Sanson, whose 6.7 per cent pay rise pushes his salary from $104,000 to $111,000 a year.

He is followed by Invercargill’s Tim Shadbolt – whose 4.8 per cent rise takes him from from $100,000 to $104,800…”


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Mayoral pay increases ‘fair to ratepayers’ – National – NZ Herald News.

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