“…New Scientist’s new digital magazine combines science-fiction and futurology…”

“…As climate change, rising fuel prices and the 2008 crash have shown – it is important to imagine what lies ahead.

Sci-fi may sometimes not seem up to the job.

But Arc, a new digital magazine from the makers of New Scientist – which aims to “explore the future” through “cutting-edge science fiction and forward-looking essays” – claims that it is.

“Fiction gives us the chance to explore and be eccentric” says Simon Ings, a novelist, science writer and editor of Arc.

He argues that science fiction is intrinsically linked to futurology – the practice of attempting to forecast the future.

“If one thing is for sure, the future is not going to be agreed by committee.

The future is going to be eccentric.

And the best way of predicting the future is to make it up.”

Arc, says Ings, came about because the makers of New Scientist realised that their readers are “interested in speculating on where things are going” –

– but they did not feel able to serve that interest in speculation within the pages of magazine dedicated to science – a field which is defined by facts.

Arc is therefore half science – half science fiction…”


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New Scientist’s new digital magazine combines science-fiction and futurology – Press – Media – The Independent.

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