New Zealand Parliament – List of questions for oral answer – Thursday, 22 March 2012..

(ed:..i will post a commentary at the close of proceedings…)

Questions to Ministers

1)..GRANT ROBERTSON to the Prime Minister: Will he agree to the requests of former Minister Hon Dr. Nick Smith and others for an inquiry about the Minister’s role in the ACC case of Bronwyn Pullar and surrounding issues; if not, why not?

..robertson is alleging acc board members arranged the meeting between pullar and acc managers…

..english is trying to hose/close this down.. would appear there is more to come…

..(esp. considering the close connections pullar has with many in the national party…)

(peters accuses english of trying ‘to flannel’ the avoiding a full-inquiry…)

(english trie to avoid answering a question from hague..speaker trys to help english..hague argues his case for forcing english to answer..succeeds..)

english claims key ‘has conducted his own inquiry’ no other inquiry is needed…

mallard is accusing the attorney-general of ‘helping his friend bill wilson..with an affadavit to the supreme court…and asks what is the difference..?

..(mallard then corrects that to ‘a statement’..not an ‘affadavit’…)

2)..KANWALJIT SINGH BAKSHI to the Minister of Finance: What recent reports has he received about the economy’s performance?

..(ed:..murray ‘seagull’ mccully is sitting behind english..looking his usual cheerful self…)

parker cites nationals’ plans for debt to blow out to over $50 billion..(up from $6 billion when nact took over in ’08..)

3)..Hon PHIL GOFF to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Does he have confidence in the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade?

goff goes mccully over a ‘botched’ restructering plan…

..mccully then blames his chief executive for any cock-up..(he should have a basin and some water…so he can wash his hands of the affair.. is also known that mccully is a total control freak….over the details of whatever he is doing..he is the complete opposite of a ‘hands-off’ minister… his claims of uninvolvement in this…are bordering on farcical…)

4)..KATRINA SHANKS to the Minister for Economic Development: How is the Government helping New Zealand technology companies access the capital and expertise they need to grow?

joyce has a thiel-fanboy-moment…(or is it a cargo-cult-moment..?..)

5)..Hon LIANNE DALZIEL to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery: Does he stand by the Prime Minister’s statement that the Government’s offer to insured residential homeowners, whose properties had been red-zoned by the Government, is “incredibly fair”; if so, why?

(brownlee has whinge about dalziel being allowed to ask this question..speaker tells him how wrong he is..)

dalziell then cites some christchurch citizens’ woes…and her own circumstances…

(mallard then lodges documents showing attorney-generals’ involvement in the case of bill wilson…and that the prime minister intervened..)

6)..MARK MITCHELL to the Minister for Social Development: How is the Government providing beneficiaries opportunities for work in Canterbury?

(speaker tells attorney-general to stop heckling..)

7)..CATHERINE DELAHUNTY to the Minister of Education: Does she agree with Treasury that increasing class sizes will assist educational outcomes for students; if so, why?’s foss-the-hapless…!…(i have never before seen an mp/spokesperson appearing so out of their depth in their job…you’d have to look back at his predecessor tolley for comparisons…)

foss argues the number of pupils in a class don’t matter..

8)..HONE HARAWIRA to the Attorney-General: What is the likely total cost of the “Urewera Four” case to the Crown, from the start of surveillance of suspects to the close of the trial on Tuesday, including all of the different government departments that were involved?

..half a mill…+..$322,000…

..harawira alleges another $12.5 million on surveillance..(ed:..good grief..!..)

9)..Dr CAM CALDER to the Minister of Defence: What reports has he received on recent upgrades to Royal New Zealand Air Force capabilities?

10)..Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Prime Minister: What was so vastly different in the contents of the first and second letters from Hon Dr. Nick Smith to ACC regarding Bronwyn Pullar that finally made him decide to accept Dr Smith’s resignation?

peters/parker/speaker wrangle of getting english to answer for key..

peters then alleges smith was removed from the acc portfolio because of his dealings with pullar…and that the new acc minister was given a private briefing on that very subject..

..(ed:.if true…that cranks that one up a notch or two…eh..)

11)..Dr DAVID CLARK to the Minister of Revenue: Given the evidence presented by IRD officials in their briefing for the incoming Minister that significant tax reforms enacted since 2008 have reduced the tax to GDP ratio and that “about 2.5 percentage points of this decline is attributable to policy changes” does he agree with the Minister of Finance that the Government’s tax changes have been “broadly fiscally neutral”; if so, why?

clark has a go at english over tax cuts and asset-sales…and losses of revenue from same…

12)..NICKY WAGNER to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery: What support has the Government provided in restoring sporting facilities in Christchurch since the Canterbury earthquakes?

..summary:..mallard drags the attorney-general into the acc thing…alleging he gave support to a friend..a bill a court case in the supreme court…

…and peters has alleged smith actually lost his acc ministry over his connections with pullar….and that the new acc minister was given a private briefing on that matter..when taking over the ministry..

murray ‘seagull’ mccully gets a special pontius pilate/’wash-my-hands-award…for blaming his chief executive for the monumental cock-up the restructuring of foreign affairs has become…

..and that was about it..

fact of the day:..was that $12.5 million was spent on surveillance of the tuhoe-country-‘terrorists’….(ed:..bloody hell..!

..a 3/10 questiontime…

New Zealand Parliament – List of questions for oral answer.

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