New Zealand Parliament – List of questions for oral answer – Thursday, 5 April 2012..

(i will post a commentary at the close of proceedings..)

Questions to Ministers

1)..GRANT ROBERTSON to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his answers to questions in the House this year?

(key is a no-show…english runs defence..)

robertson has alleged that banks and brown did not declare a 15 grand gift each of them got from sky city..(!)


..if banks is is a two yr jail sentence maximum..and wd force the resignation of banks..(!)..


2)..TODD McCLAY to the Minister of Finance: What is the impact on the Crown’s finances of the Government’s tax changes since the 2008 election?

..norman is trying to call english on his bullshit….

..the tax cuts cost $1 billion dollars in tax income for govt in the first nine months of operation..whoar..!

..(english blames labour…and gets a special spin-longevity-award..)

3)..Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement of 5 July 2010 that “I’d hate to see New Zealanders as tenants in their own country”; if not, why not?

peters and the speaker have a squabble…

..parker calls the govt for having promised to tighten foreign land sales..and then lists a litany of sales made since that promise..

..english bangs back that parker did the same thing when he was in govt..

4)..Dr JACKIE BLUE to the Associate Minister of Health: What reports has he received about the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project, announced yesterday?

5)..Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Minister for Economic Development: Does he agree with South Australian Treasurer Paul Snelling in relation to SkyCity that “there cannot and will not be any connection between any change to their regulatory arrangements governing the casino and their investment”, and can he assure the House that a similar standard will be upheld by this Government? tried to do a similar convention-centre/law-change swap deal in sth aust..this was declined..

..cunnliffe also notes that joyce did not know that pub-pokies return 37% of profit to community…whereas sky returns 2.5% of profits to community…

..cunnliffe is making a good case that joyce/govt are ‘selling legislation’ to the gambling industry..

6)..JULIE ANNE GENTER to the Minister of Transport: Did the Government compare the costs and benefits of the Roads of National Significance against those of other transport projects before announcing them to ensure that it is getting best value for public money; if not, why not?

there was no cost-benefit analysis done untill nine months after national announced the projects…(!)

genter points out that projected raises in petrol make the projects even more unviable..

..genter asks if the govt just sticks to a bad idea…business-cases totally out of date..

(ed:..genter did well against brownlee..brownlees’ tactic was irrelevant/attacking/nonsense answers..)

7)..MELISSA LEE to the Minister for Social Development: What recent announcements have been made to improve the way the Government deals with young people who have mental health problems?

..bennett does a press-release..

8)..Hon PHIL GOFF to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: What concerns, if any, have been expressed to him that proposed changes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will damage New Zealand’s promotion of its international trade and foreign policy interests?

goff is pointing out the economic-idiocies of blowing $9.5 million on this restructure..

9)..SIMON O’CONNOR to the Associate Minister of Education: What recent announcements has the Government made on the school network upgrade project?

10)..PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister of Finance: Have Treasury officials reviewed Ministry of Transport calculations including projected traffic volume growth, per capita change in volumes over the last seven years and the alignment with GDP, and if so, is he satisfied that the currently planned transport spend is good value for money?

traffic numbers have been stagnant since 2004…

(english cracks up the house with the admission he ‘occaisonally’ visits southland..and then quickly corrects himself to say ‘regularly’..

11)..NICKY WAGNER to the Minister of Energy and Resources: What initiatives has the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority implemented to help support Christchurch’s Recovery?

..heatly talks insulation…

12)..GARETH HUGHES to the Minister of Energy and Resources: Has he received advice on the economic impacts of a major oil spill off the coast of Kaikoura?

summary:..genter did ok against brownlee..

..cunnliffe did ok..

..but the woo-hoo..! of the day was the revelation/accusation by robertson..

..that both banks and brown received 15 grand from sky city when they were running for mayor…

.and neither of them declared that gift… that is serious..if banks is charged and found guilty..

..the crime carries a maximum two-year jail sentence..

.and as such..banks wd be drummed out of parliament..


for just that frisson…it’s a 6/10 questiontime..

New Zealand Parliament – List of questions for oral answer.

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