“…New Zealand Parliament – List of questions for oral answer – Tuesday, 20 March 2012..

(ed:..i will post a commentary at the close of proceedings..)

Questions to Ministers

1)..DAVID SHEARER to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his statements with regard to asset sales?

shearer is tackling key on his 2008 quotes against selling off assets..

..(key is squirming..tries to blame labour..)

..shearer is leaning in on the fee that will be paid to bankers..

..key has hit back citing the mixed asset models in finland…(shearers’ oft-quoted exemplar..)

(ed:..summary:..shearer wasn’t too bad..but key ‘played the game’ by citing the finnish examples..)

2)..KEVIN HAGUE to the Minister for ACC: Does she consider an independent inquiry into ACC’s management of the incident in which personal information relating to 6,700 claimants was sent to Bronwyn Pullar is needed; if not, why not?

collins found out about the letter from smith yesterday..

..hague asks if smith as minister has helped any other claimants…(collins ‘dosen’t know’..)

3)..PAUL GOLDSMITH to the Minister of Finance: How will the Government’s programme for delivering better public services within tight financial constraints contribute to the Government’s economic plan?

hipkins raises laughs by reading off all the titles of the announced ‘plans’ from this govt…

..hipkins is drawing blood with his listing of the increases in staff at both treasury and the prime ministers’ office blowing out..

..(‘and they have no frontline staff’..)

4)..Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister of Local Government: What recommendations from at least three government reviews of local government since 2006 are yet to be implemented, and if any have not been implemented yet, why not?

(banks fighting his urges to nana-nap…and i would submit that his face in repose is an exercise in misery….you wouldn’t wanta be him..eh..?..)

..king is asking smith for the list of services councils will no longer be able to provide..

..king notes that banks trebled council debt when mayor…to over $700 million..

..and that national have increased new zealand debt from $8 billion to $50 billion..

..(smith blames labour..ed:..a govt that paid down debt..)

king notes that councils have borrowed to build infrastructure..

..whereas national are borrowing for tax cuts for the richest..

5)..NICKY WAGNER to the Minister of Local Government: What steps is the Government taking to address the average national 7% per annum rate increase and the quadrupling of local government debt from $2 billion to $8 billion since the major reforms of 2002?

smith is claiming his local body reforms are being welcomed..

6)..CHRIS HIPKINS to the Minister of State Services: Does he agree that few problems are solved by significant reorganisations – in fact many more tend to be created and it is easy to underestimate the amount of energy and inspiration soaked up by institutional change, as well as the loss of personal and institutional knowledge?

hipkins asks why national didn’t tell new zealanders before the election about their local govt plans..

..speaker tells minister coleman to stop personally abusing peters…

7)..TIM MACINDOE to the Minister for Social Development: How will the current welfare reforms support the Government’s better public services programme?

(sorry..missed it..

..something about payment cards ‘saving eight minutes on each transaction’…)

8)..ANDREW LITTLE to the Minister for ACC: Will she set up an independent inquiry to reassure all New Zealanders that ACC and its Ministers act with the utmost integrity when in possession of people’s intimate and sensitive information?

collins says incident has been sent to police…

9)..COLIN KING to the Minister for Economic Development: What actions are the Government taking to drive business growth in New Zealand?

(ed:..sorry..it was joyce..i think….i drifted off..)

10)..HOLLY WALKER to the Minister of Housing: Is he concerned that poor quality and overcrowded housing is contributing to high rates of infectious and respiratory diseases among Maori children?

..(walker gives heatley a patsy..?…enabling him to bang on…is this part of some memorandum of understanding between the greens and national..)

it would appear to be niavete on walkers part..as the speaker points out to her..

.(maori children 23 times more likely to develop rheumatic-fever than pakeha children..)

11)..JAMI-LEE ROSS to the Associate Minister of Transport: What is the Government doing to raise awareness about upcoming changes to the give way rules?

jolly japes around intersections…

12)..BARBARA STEWART to the Minister of Health: Does he stand by all his statements as Minister of Health?

..talk about babies…

summary:..key successfully whacked shearer with the finland-stick..

..citing the mixed-model state assets in finland..and their mergings of ministries..

..hipkins was the star for labour…and ‘deft’ wd sum up his performance..

..and king woke banks from his slide into a nana-nap..with the news that auckland city council debt trebled under banks…to over $700 million…

..(and banks smiles at the memory….the first genuine smile from him in this term of parliament..

..and why dosen’t he just bring in a fold-out bed..that banks..?

..every questiontime has the mini-drama of will he/won’t he/banks fall into a deep sleep/nana-nap..

..perchance to snore..?..)

..and that was about it…

..a 3/10 questiontime…

..the facts of the day were:..

..banks trebled debt at auckland city council when he was mayor..

..national have increased our debt as a nation from $8 billion to over $50 billion…(and predicted to go to over $75 billion..)

..and maori children are 23 times more likely to get rheumatic-fever than pakeha children..

New Zealand Parliament – List of questions for oral answer.

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