“…New Zealand Parliament – List of questions for oral answer – Tuesday, 6 March 2012..

(ed:..i will post a commentary at the close of proceedings.)

Questions to Ministers

1)..DAVID BENNETT to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received on the Government’s financial position?

$470 million dollars more down the gurgler…(going on monthly-accounts..collecting less tax than expected..)

..debt to build to $70 billion..(when national came to power..our debt was $6 billion..)

2)..DAVID SHEARER to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his statements on the sale of State-owned assets?

(key past quote:..’i expect 80-90% of soe’s sold will reman in nz hands’..)

govt bill has no provision/protection..

..norman raises the most potent argument against asset-sales:.that any govt at any time is just a guardian of those assets…charged with protecting those assets for further generations…

..key says:..’no..!..nz’ers’ need to be able to invest’..’

3)..JACQUI DEAN to the Minister for the Environment: How much funding has the Government committed to the Fresh Start for Fresh Water clean-up fund for the projects announced at the Bluegreens Forum at the weekend for the Manawatu River and the Wairarapa, Wainono and Waituna Lagoons?

national spent over $100 million on clean-ups in last four years..

..labour spent $17 million over their previous four years…

(and yes..!..john banks is again fighting his nana-nap urges…!..such fun to watch..!…)

4)..DAVID SHEARER to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his recent statements?

shearer and key wrangle over foreign affairs cuts..

5)..CATHERINE DELAHUNTY to the Minister of Energy and Resources: Will the Review of New Zealand Minerals Royalty Rates ensure that royalties are paid on all mines in New Zealand?

($300 million income for mining company pays no tax..

..martha mine..(countrys’ 3rd largest )..pays no tax..

..opencast miner greenmount has paid no tax since 1987…

..delahunty also calls for higher bonds to be paid.

..(delahunty gets questions/cause of the day…she would be well-advised to be all over this like a rash…

..it’s mind-boggling these companies are extracting vast wealth from our country..fucking it over/polluting it..

..and to add insult to grievous injury..

..they also pay no tax..w.t.f..!..eh..?..)

6)..COLIN KING to the Minister for Communications and Information Technology: What progress has been made to improve access to broadband in New Zealand schools?

7)..Hon CLAYTON COSGROVE to the Minister for State Owned Enterprises: Why is there no provision in the Government’s asset sales legislation to ensure preferential treatment for individual New Zealand buyers despite the Prime Minister’s promise that “Kiwi mums and dads will be at the front of the queue”?

answer:..there are none…no provisions..

(ryall nails cosgrove over the fact that power prices rose 75% under labours’ watch…)

8)..TE URUROA FLAVELL to the Minister for the Environment: Have Iwi Maori raised any issues with him about the proposals in the Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) Bill; if so, what?

..flavell and smith try to justify the sell-out deal the maori party have done with the govt…

9)..Hon PHIL GOFF to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Why is the Government requiring the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to find operating savings and make cuts of $40 million a year?

goff catches govt out lying..(provides documentary-evidence..which the govt refuses to allow to be tabled..)

..a squabble of over $26,000 spent to charter a plans for mccully to fly around burma..)

10)..Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Minister of Local Government: Does he have confidence in the financial management of the Auckland Council?

..peters alleging corruption at auckland city council..(delloittes buying off someone called mckenzie with overseas trips/etc//)

11)..MELISSA LEE to the Minister for Social Development: How is Government working with the Auckland Council and the Auckland Chamber of Commerce to support young Aucklanders into employment opportunities?

..bennett announces the free-workers scheme that has been such a resounding failure in britain…the large employers there who were inveigled into taking part..

..are now running for the exit..

(ed:..i hope our opposition parties are up to speed on how this has been an epic-fail in britain..)

12)..KRIS FAAFOI to the Minister of Police: Is it correct that “Police bosses are considering laying off staff and closing some stations in an effort to save $360 million over the next three years” as reported in the NZ Herald?…

..summary:..it was a day of facts:..

..one of the most disturbing being that our foreign debt is expected to rise to $70 billion under key/nact…(from the $6 billion when they came to power…)

..and that this month there is a $470 million further shortfall..

the fact that any govt is just a guardian of our commonwealth interests…and philosophically has no right/mandate to sell them..

..this potent-argument was presented by norman from the greens…

..and the greens get party of the day..and delahunty gets facts-of-the-day..

..for her shock/horror revelations of how the big mining companies don’t pay any tax…


..labour get non-performing party of the day..with shearer being pretty much ineffectual against key…

..and cosgrove getting the shut-up-and-sit-down!-award for being confronted by the fact that under labour..power prices went up 75%…

..(and goffs’ stilted/awkward delivery hasn’t improved..)

..another killer-fact against labour is that national have spent over $100 million in last four years to clean up waterways..

..labour spent $17 million in the previous four years…

..the strong smell from today was the attempt to paper-over/justify the sell-out by the maori party over asset-sales…(ed:..i feel a cartoon coming on..)

..peters alleged corruption at auck council..(was heckled..accused of being pissed..?..and he retorted..’look who’s saying that’…thereby inferring the accuser was actually a co-offender…

..and the govt announces plans to make the same free-labour-from-teenagers..masquerading as work-experience..

..that is proving to be such a resounding failure in britain..

..(gotta give them marks for consistancy tho’..eh..?..that nact-govt..)

..and the only humour from the day came from the will he?/won’t he? from banks..

..as he fought his urges to nana-nap…(how can a man blink so much..?..)

(a 5/10 questiontime..mainly for the greens stepping up as the party of opposition…

..and confirmation of just how much labor are tainted by their record of neglect..)

New Zealand Parliament – List of questions for oral answer.

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