New Zealand Parliament – List of questions for oral answer – Wednesday, 9 May 2012..

(ed:..i will post a commentary @ the close of proceedings..)

Questions to Ministers

1)..DAVID SHEARER to the Prime Minister: Is it still a fundamental purpose of his Government to narrow the wage gap between New Zealand and Australia, and to grow local wages in New Zealand?

key ..(to general hilarity) claims ‘it’s going well’..

(under nact/key..our growth figure are worst ever.)

..key claims to not know how many people are going to australia..

..(1,000 a wk are leaving for australia..)

..peters quotes key in 2007 saying ‘he wanted wages to drop’…

2)..TODD McCLAY to the Minister of Finance: What recent reports has he received on the economy?

..english tries to pump the austerity-meme…

3)..Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister of Finance: In dollar terms, what is the shortfall in the tax-take for the nine months to March revealed in yesterday’s Financial Statements compared to October’s pre-election update?

$1.75 billion lower than predicted by treasury…

4)..Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Minister of Finance: How much has been raised to date by the Earthquake Kiwi Bonds and, at this rate, how many years will it take to cover the Government’s estimated $5.5 billion liability resulting from the Canterbury earthquakes?

(it wd take 200 years to pay at current rate…)

norman argues for his eartquake levey..which would have raised $1 billion by now..and wd be all paid off in 5-6 years..

(english admits ‘you can fix every problem by raising taxes’..)

..norman then attacks the priorities of this govt..and calls for a re-prioritising..

..norman argues for his levy..and against higher spending…

5)..Hon TAU HENARE to the Minister for Social Development: How will Budget 2012 provide greater support for young people most at risk of long-term welfare dependency?

..bennett talks up her targeting of young people..

..the opposition yells at her ‘why..?’…(for only targeting beneficiaries..)

6)..Hon CLAYTON COSGROVE to the Minister for State Owned Enterprises: Does he stand by the Prime Minister’s statement regarding asset sales that “We are not going to do anything tricky there”?

ryall preaches austerity…

7)..Dr JIAN YANG to the Associate Minister of Health: How is the Government expanding its programme to reduce rheumatic fever in vulnerable communities?

turia announces new program to target rheumatic fever..(a preventable third world disease..)

8)..Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister of Housing: Does he stand by all his comments regarding housing?

king asks why the delays in christchurch..

9)..JULIE ANNE GENTER to the Minister of Transport: What is the plan to pay for the Government’s transport expenditure given that the Ministry of Transport’s Briefing to the Incoming Minister warns of a funding shortfall of $4.9 billion if high oil prices and low GDP growth continue?

imf is predicting $5 per litre petrol..and genter questions the logic of major highway projects..

10)..MARK MITCHELL to the Minister for Economic Development: How is the Government improving value for money in its procurement of services for the public sector?

parker cracks joke about craig taking mitchells’ seat in rodney..

11)..DARIEN FENTON to the Minister of Labour: Does she stand by her statement that “I do not want to see unnecessary change for change’s sake. Rather I am looking to put in place pragmatic solutions as we implement our manifesto commitments and let employers, employees and business focus on what they do best.”?

fenton vs. wilkinson..

(wilkinson repeat the lie from whaleoil and farrar..mis-quoting little..and claiming he attacked ‘all employers’..

12)..Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Prime Minister: Does he still have confidence in the Minister for Social Development and the Associate Ministers for Social Development; if so, why?

peters vs key..(a non-event…)

summary:..once again..not much happened..all over in 50 min.

..don’t bother watching the replays..a 1.5/10 questiontime..

New Zealand Parliament – List of questions for oral answer.

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