“…Norway Mass Killer Complains Of Being Ridiculed..”

“…Norwegian anti-Islamic fanatic Anders Behring Breivik has complained that he was being subjected to personal ridicule in court – and demanded his killing of 77 people last summer be judged as a battle against immigration.

“I hope you will focus on the issue, not the person,” the 33-year-old Breivik told the court – visibly irritated and swivelling a pen in his hand.

Breivik, who killed eight people with a car bomb in Oslo on July 22 and then shot 69 at a Labour Party summer camp, went on trial on Monday.

Asked how he had changed from a teenage vandal on Oslo’s prosperous west side to a methodical killer, he said he helped found a militant group called the “Knights Templar” in 2001 – and chafed at prosecution suggestions that it was largely imaginary.

“Your intention is to sow doubt whether this network existed,” he said at one point, after repeatedly objecting to the way prosecutors phrased their queries.

The original Knights Templar were a medieval brotherhood of knights that prosecuted and financed anti-Islamic crusades…”


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