“…PlayStation All-Stars : A madcap mashup…”

“…In the depths of Hades, Killzone’s Colonel Radec fires potshots at the raccoon master-thief Sly Cooper while avoiding claw strikes from the gargantuan god of the Underworld himself.

But Hades has his own problems: as the unlikeliest of PlayStation icons do battle with each other before him – an invading Patapon army stages a hostile takeover of his home turf…

It’s the kind of madcap scenario that’s par for the course in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale.

Speaking of “par” and “courses”, combatants will also have to avoid incoming, explosive golfballs courtesy of some Hotshots Golfers in the background of Jak and Daxter’s Sandover Village…”

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PlayStation All-Stars : A madcap mashup – Technology – NZ Herald News.

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