“..Rihanna Smokes A Blunt In Hawaii; Singer Tweets About Marijuana…” (photos..) (ed:..gee..!..i hope john key wasn’t down-wind…i do so worry about our prime minister holidaying in a place where you can just pop down the road and buy pot..legally…i worry he will be corrupted…should we drug-test him on his return..?..just to be sure/for his own good..?..)

“..Rihanna’s living a rough life these days.

The singer was photographed rolling what appears to be a blunt – and smoking outside while relaxing in Hawaii Sunday.

For those questioning just what exactly she’s inhaling – we’ll let her own tweet speak for itself:

“Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things!” she wrote, quoting lyrics from Drake’s “Up All Night.”..”

(ed:..see what i mean about the dangers key must face..?..on a daily basis..?

..when he is at his holiday compound in hawaii..?

..all around him the evidence of the social dissolution that comes from a legal-pot regime..

..do the screams/gunfire keep him awake at night..?..d’yareckon..?..

..he should holiday somewhere that has pot policies he supports/believes in/believes are best for the rest of us..

..somewhere like bali..eh..?)

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Rihanna Smokes A Blunt In Hawaii; Singer Tweets About Marijuana (PHOTOS).

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