“…So you want to get elected? – Then think like a clown. Or a penguin | Charlie Brooker…”

“…So huge swaths of the electorate seem to have finally decided that peevish gump David Cameron isn’t the convincing statesman they never quite thought he was in the first place.

Still, he had a good innings.

People often criticise Cameron’s judgment – but no matter what you think of his policies –

– his ability to surround himself with decoy pillocks was a strategy that until recently paid dividends.

Since coming to power in 2010 voters have been so busy hating Nick Clegg, Andrew Lansley, Liam Fox, George Osborne, Francis Maude and now Jeremy Hunt –

– there’s been very little rage left over for Dave.

Getting round to properly abhorring him has seemed like too much bother – like an unwelcome, nagging chore.

You see his face on the news and perform a 1,000-year-long internal sigh.

Yes, yes. I’ll detest you in a minute.

I’ve got to finish detesting all these other people first.

But now his decoys are spent.

Clegg, in particular, absorbed so much bile, he underwent a startling physical transformation: from buoyant Geoffrey-off-Rainbow type to watery-eyed totem of misery.

It was as if he had somehow been bitten by a radioactive puddle.

He’s so depressing to look at – they really should erect some kind of protective awning whenever he’s out in public – like they do around grisly human remains.

Hating him isn’t simply a cliche; it actually feels vaguely cruel.

So he’s no longer of much strategic use to Cameron…”

(ed:..heh..!..and on it goes..)

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So you want to get elected? Then think like a clown. Or a penguin | Charlie Brooker | Comment is free | The Guardian.

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