“…The Irony of the Social Media Era: It Was Created By the World’s Least Social People..”

“..Investor Peter Thiel – who would provide the first risky money into companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Slide and Yelp – – isn’t much better.

He speaks in a staccato halting rhythm seemingly lost within the logic of his own head – then waves his head from side-to-side when he gets in the rhythm of the argument.

You can know him for years and still have that awkward do-we-hug-or-not-hug exchange each time you see him.

Evan Williams, cofounder of Twitter and one of the company’s three CEOs to date – answers most questions with a shy smile and almost pathologically avoids confrontation.

And then there’s the most awkward of them all: Mark Zuckerberg. The first time I interviewed Zuckerberg in person, he – astoundingly – thought he was doing a good job at being natural.

After all, he was answering all of my questions in short single word bursts.

Like many coders – he places efficiency next to Godliness.

He built Facebook so you could be in-and-out within minutes – but come back many times a day –

– even though this was anathema to anyone who knew anything about building an ad business online.

Surely an interview was the same, right?

Not really, no. .

It was a bizarre chess match.

After one particularly awful question from me – Zuckerberg broke down like a cartoon robot that simply could not compute.

His eyes darted from place to place – like a bird.

He furrowed his brow and looked up at me after several moments of silence.

“That’s a really broad question. I don’t know how you want me to answer that,” he said.

404 error.

I had crashed Mark Zuckerberg…”


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Sarah Lacy: The Irony of the Social Media Era: It Was Created By the World’s Least Social People.

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