“…Tom’s Kitchen: Three Ways to Home-Falafel Nirvana…”

“…A few days ago, I wrote about how I’m all in favor of of helping people figure out ways to eat less meat –

– but skeptical that industrial fake-meat products based on soy-protein isolates are the way to do it.

I posited that whole-food dishes like falafel—chickpeas ground up with spices and then deep-fried—might be a better beacon toward a less meat-intensive future.

Writing about falafel gave me a powerful craving for it.

And where I live in rural North Carolina, there are no falafel joints.

So if I knew that if I wanted to have some I’d have to do something I’ve never done before: make falafel at home.

And that give me the opportunity to see whether falafel has a place in a practical-minded no-time-for-fuss kitchen like mine.

The first thing I needed was a recipe, and I knew what to do: I merely typed “Bittman + falafel” into Google.

Mark Bittman—whose provocative column on meat substitutes started me on my falafel journey—is the heavyweight champ of straight-ahead, minimalist cooking.

I found this recipe from a 2008 New York Times column of his…”


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Tom’s Kitchen: Three Ways to Home-Falafel Nirvana | Mother Jones.

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