“…Universe from ‘nothing’ rattles faith…”

“…During a hearing in Texas, where Krauss was fighting to keep evolution being taught in schools – a woman got up and said: “My grandfather wasn’t a monkey.”

Krauss replied: “In your case it’s not so clear.”

Cruel humour aside, Krauss says he constantly finds that science rattles people’s faith.

“The point is that science is indeed incompatible with literal doctrines of the three major world religions,” he tells the Herald from Sydney.

One problem, he says, is that “science doesn’t make it impossible to believe in God – it just makes it possible to not believe in God.

“If you would rather close your eyes to the way the world really works in order to preserve your faith –

– or ensure that your kids aren’t properly educated for fear that they will lose faith –

– then there is a real problem.”..”

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Universe from ‘nothing’ rattles faith – Technology – NZ Herald News.

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