“…Why Motorbikes Can Be Worse for the Planet Than Cars…”

“…Hanoi is easily among the world’s most polluted cities.

Some experts even think it’s the worst in Southeast Asia, but there are plenty of others that provide stiff competition.

It’s apparent even as you approach the city – since the urban skyline is obscured by a heavy haze.

Before coming here, I’d heard I would never see the sun in Hanoi.

That has proven not to be much of an exaggeration.

But unlike in US cities, the nasty air here isn’t from a fleet of cars.

It’s from all the motorbikes and mopeds, which number at least 1.8 million in Hanoi.

(That estimate is from 2008, however, and is likely far too low now given that the population has since swelled to 7 million.)

Nationwide, there are about 20 million on the roads, buzzing and zigzagging along…”


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Why Motorbikes Can Be Worse for the Planet Than Cars | Mother Jones.

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